Don’t like your shirt anymore? Or did it get too small? We’ll take it back!

Yes, you read it well. We will take your shirt, sweater or hoodie back when you don’t want it anymore. And best of all, we’ll return you 10% of the original price*) of the clothes returned as a credit to buy a new outfit in this store.

Why do we do this?

We believe in a sustainable future. A future where we repurpose our products. So instead of seeing your tee or hoodie disappear in the trash piles, we want to take it back. And as a reward, we gladly give you something in return.

There are thousands of good causes and charities waiting for your used clothing. And we love to be the middleperson between you and those charities.

Your used clothing will be offered to several charities, clothing homeless, women and children in shelters for abused women, people depending on food banks and the poorest living in Eastern European and development countries. Because we believe in a better future for everybody.

How do we do this?

To return a piece of clothing you have to fill out the form below. Your return request will be evaluated by one of our team and within 3 office days you’ll get a return number plus an address where to send it too. Package the clothing, sent it to the provided address and send us a copy of the receipt from the post office.

When we receive confirmation the package is received, you’ll get 10% of the original price of the products as ‘CarePoints’. You can use your CarePoints to pay for actual new orders.

How about cost of shipment

When you return products for an original purchase value of 100 dollar or more, we pay you the costs for shipment in CarePoints too. When you return products for an original purchase value of less than 100 dollar, we’ll pay you 50% of the costs of shipment in CarePoints. Shipment always should be for the lowest costs which include package tracking. We won’t accept returns without tracking.

Any further questions?

Feel free to use our contact form.

Are you an officially recognized charity?

If you represent an officially recognized charity and you have a direct use for returned clothing, please contact us. To maintain a low carbon footprint we prefer to send returned clothing to a charity local to our customer. Send your inquiries to caretakers@wear2care.comĀ