Plus Size Same Price!

For big people, the prices stay small too!

Do you know the song of Randy Newman about ‘Short People’? If not, you should search it on YouTube. But in the world of apparel and fashion, it are not the short people, but the big people who often have every right to feel discriminated. When you’re an adult with a size ‘slightly larger than average’, you have to pay more for the same products.

There is a good reason to charge higher prices for larger sizes. For a shirt size XS we need only 30% of the fabric we need for a shirt 4XL. So ‘large shirts’ ware more expensive. And although we love to make this world a better place, we have to make some money while doing so.

But for big people life already is expensive enough. So we decided to change our pricing policy. All our new products will be ‘one price to fit them all’ (please note that our ‘Youth’ line we’ll introduce soon still will have different prices).

But  that’s something we want to change. Because from today, 15th of July 2018, we’ll start to have one, size independent, price for apparel for adults.

And the prices of existing products will be adjusted. However, looking at colors and sizes we have over 8000 products in store. Changing those prices will take time. So if you have a ‘larger’ size and you want to order apparel, but the price for your size is higher than for other sizes, please drop us a note. We’ll adjust the price for that product ASAP.

If you already bought a product (after 15th of July 2018) and the price you paid was higher for your size, drop us a note too. We’ll refund the difference as soon as possible.

No matter what your size is. We want you too feel good and look good in our apparel.

Love you all!