Looking for models

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Looking for new models

Since our collection of shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and other apparel is constantly growing, we’re looking for new models on a very regular base. We’re looking for male and female models, age 16+ (age range 16-17 only with consent of a parent or custodian who also has to be present during the shoot) who would like to pose for our apparel range. Since we’re Europa based, only models available in Europe need to apply.

You’ll be paid a market conforming fee for your posing and the shirts you’ve posed in will be yours. Our models also have for the period of one year a 20% discount on all our products.

So if you like your tees and you would love to pose in them, drop us a note.

Please note we do not have an restriction with regards to the maximum age. Older models (both male and female) are welcome to apply. Also ‘slightly plus’ models are welcome upto XXL. Since many of our shirts are not available in larger sizes (also take a look to our FAQ to know why) we only can work with models up to XXL.
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