Flex on the beach!

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Summer is coming!

This year again, summer is coming. And it’s time already to think of what you’re going to wear on the beach this year.

But whatever you chose, you’ll be looking cool during this hot summer in Wear2Care’s beach wear.

Complete new in our collection are our swim suits. Funny, beautiful… but most important of all, comfortable. Take a look for example at the designs below.

Catfish or Meowmaid?

Cute Skull pattern

Take me to the water
Koi Carps

Not only swim suits

But it isn’t only swim suits we have to offer. Also new in our collection are our bikinis.

Do you know that feeling, you’re nog able to pick which one of the bikinis you would prefer? That’s past tense! Since now we have double sided bikinis you can wear from both sides. So one day, you can have a white bikini with black print, the other day a black one with white print.

Black print on a white background
Or white print on a black background

And to make it all more interesting, for most bikinis we offer you a choice for the color of the cords, the ‘piping’. Because there is a distinct different look between those two bikini tops, don’t you think?

White piping
Black piping

Mix and match

And to make it possible to combine whatever you want, you also can buy our bikini tops and bikini bottoms separate. Or combine them with our sports bras and our sports shorts with similar patters. This summer your local beach will look better than it ever did before!

So have fun this summer on the beach!

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