Five ways to get free shirts from Wear2Care!

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Getting free shirts, sweaters or hoodies!

Of course you know the saying ‘You get where you pay for’. And maybe as a Wear2Care customer you already discovered that you get a whole lot more than you paid for, when you buy our products. Superb quality, beautiful shirts and exquisite service for affordable prices.

But did you know, that you can get our products without paying too? Yes! For free. There are five ways to get shirts without actually paying for them. Since we have a special loyalty plan we’ve called ‘CarePoints’

CarePoints are ‘virtual dollars’. Each CarePoint has exactly the value of 1 dollar. And when you buy some of our products. And by performing actions on our website, you slowly collect CarePoints. But how do you collect them?

Buy products

When you buy one of our products, you usually get 1 CarePoint for each 10 dollar you pay for that product. So buying a shirt of 22 dollar, you’ll get 2 CarePoints. And slowly, while buying your favorite shirts and other garment, you’ll collect those points to buy extra products.

Refer a friend

When you refer a friend to our site and your friend actually registers,, you’ll get 0.5 CarePoints for each friend you refer, with a maximum of 5 friends. And your friend will receive 2 CarePoints, just for registering. Just share our special referral URL with your friend and tell them about us. As soon as they sign up, you’ll get your points rewarded.

Sign up

You didn’t sign up yet? Time to do it now┬áby filling out our registration form and get 2 CarePoints for free.

Visit our Shop!

Seriously. You’ll get for each day you’ll login and visit our shop 0.1 CarePoint until a maximum of 5 CarePoints. You don’t have to buy anything. Just take a look at our products and try to resist the temptation to buy!

Send our products back!

Really? A webshop actually paying for sending our products back? We at Wear2Care must be crazy don’t you think? Well, don’t worry. We’re perfectly sane. But yes. We pay you for sending our products back when you don’t want to wear them anymore, they became too small or whatever other reason. The only condition is that they should not be worn out or torn.

We take your clothes you both with us back, and offer you 10% of the original price in CarePoints. For the exact conditions please read the rules.

How to pay with points?

How do you pay with your CarePoints? When you have CarePoints, one of the ways you are offered to pay for your orders is via CarePoints. You’ll pay with it in a similar way as you would pay with money. However, you can’t mix points and money. So if you don’t have enough CarePoints, you have to pay either in Dollars or Euro’s, using one of our other providers.

Can I transfer my CarePoints to a friend?

No. We actually would love to make this possible, but the problem is, that it’s too prone for fraud. If we can think of some good method to prevent fraud, we’ll reconsider the possibility however.


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