Rainbows on my mind – June 2019 – LGBTQ+ Pride Month

It is Great to be Different! June is the LGBTQ+ pride month. It is the month in which interesting and colorful people express that sex- and gender isn’t just a binary thing, but a broad spectrum of ways in which people can express their love and their gender. It is the month where we express […]

Flex on the beach!

Summer is coming! This year again, summer is coming. And it’s time already to think of what you’re going to wear on the beach this year. But whatever you chose, you’ll be looking cool during this hot summer in Wear2Care’s beach wear. Complete new in our collection are our swim suits. Funny, beautiful… but most […]

50 Shades of Black and White – Tees by Elena Sabo

Sometimes it’s good to see the world black and white It started like a bet between two designers. Would Elena be able to create 50 shirts in black and white within 6 months time. She lost the bet, but still was a winner. Since although not 50, she created a serie of beautiful and meaningful […]

Take a look at our Zodiac collection!

What is your sign? Are you looking for a very special and personal shirt? In that case our Zodiac collection could be exactly where you’re looking for. Beautiful vintage style images depicting the essence of the different signs of the Zodiac. Just take a look at the beautiful designs.