Affiliate program

Make money with our shirts!

You can make money with our shirts in our affiliate program. It is quite simple. Sign up as an affiliate, place a banner on your site and when somebody clicks on that banner and buys a shirt, you’ll get 5% of the value of the total order. It is simple like that. And to make it easier for you, you’ll get 10 euro as a present in your affiliate account from us, only for registering as an affiliate.

However there are some rules.

  • We have the right to refuse you as an affiliate. It is unlikely we actually will unless you drive traffic to us from a site promoting violence, hatred, weapons, tobacco or alcohol. We also do not accept affiliate links from sites promoting porn in any shape or form.
  • You won’t drive traffic to our site on false pretense. Don’t make claims we do not support and do not mislead people.
  • We hate spam. Don’t send us traffic from spamming in social media, websites, email or other sources.
  • We pay monthly over the month previous over the past month, so in April we pay over February, May over March etc.
  • Cookie lifetime is 180 days. Which means that 180 days after clicking your affiliate link, you’re still eligible for your affiliate commission. We try to track your referrals by cookie and IP, however if your referral clears their cookies and buys from a different IP than they used at the first contact, there is no way we can trace them back to you.
  • We have a payment threshold of 100 euro. So you have to make at least 100 euro to get paid. If you make less, you can request a payment too, but there will be a 20 euro processing fee.
  • We only pay via Paypal or wire transfer. For wire transfers to the USA below 500 euro we have to deduct a fee of 15 euro. Don’t blame us, blame the American banks.
  • Refunds will be deducted from your affiliate balance.
  • You can use your affiliate link also for your own orders.