About us

Wear2Care is an initiative of Wilko van der Ploeg and Elena Sabo.


is a photographer, artist, marketeer, web builder and trainer. In 2014 he discovered ‘T-Shirt design’ and started to market his designs via some well known websites. Since he thought his designs deserve their own website, and their own fulfillment service he founded Wear2Care together with


Young entrepreneur, investor and philantropist. When she met Wilko in 2015  she loved his photographic work and his designs. Currently she her wardrobe counts about 300 tees, at least 50 are Wilko his designs. She’s a young woman with a clear message to the world. ‘Strong‘ is her first design, but there will follow more for sure.

Elena died on May 18th, 2020 from the complications after COVID infection at an age much too young. She will be remembered by the people who loved her and whom she loved. She was an unique human being.

But in her own words she left for her beloved: ‘Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened’. 


Two people with a passion for tees, shared with a passion for a better world. Hence the site name ‘Wear to Care’. We love beauty. Everybody is beautiful. We love you!